Web Development Demos

You can find some various demos below for your website plan. They are for demonstration purpose only. Please click the link and play with it. If you need any further details or wish to discuss your unique requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

The demos below are set of options from wide variations.

Takeaway Online Ordering

If your takeway or restaurant require a new online ordering system to have an extra channel of income. It works responsively on your mobile and PC. 

Stop paying high commission to JustEat or Uber from your sales. We won’t charge sales commission for your sales. Absolute 0% commission. 

Restaurant e-Menu for tableside orders

If your business is looking for a contactless ordering or e-menu showcase for your customers for better experiences and less staff workload. You may be intesested in our cost effective solution for your restaurant e-Menu and ordering system. Your menu will be displayed on your tablet or users’ smart phone. They will be relax and enjoy ordering their meal by themselves.  

It is TIME to make your business ONLINE

Online Shop

You can have your own online shop, promote your own brand, and make your own profit from your online selling of your products. It is easy and quick to establish your online business. And you will run and manage your product and stock, online payment, online marketing by yourself with little efforts. 

We will provide different design styles and customised structure for your own shop. 

There are more design inspirations meeting your potentiality.

We are adding more live demos

to inspire your ideas of web projects

If you would like to discuss some plans about your website, we are happy to meet you to have a talk. 

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